Agricultural nematicides, like ABAMECTIN 95% TC, are crucial for controlling nematode infestations in crops. Applied to soil, they disrupt nematode nervous systems, preventing damage to plant roots. Their function includes protecting crops, enhancing yield, and ensuring soil health. Their benefits encompass improved plant vigor, reduced crop losses, and sustainable farming practices.

6 BA Benzylaminopurine 97 %
Agriculture fertilizer like 6 BA 97% Benzylaminopurine, classified as organic, exists as a white powder with 97% purity. Applied in agriculture, it enhances plant growth, flowering, and fruit development. Stored in dry places, it functions by providing essential nutrients, promoting crop health, yield, and quality, offering sustainable benefits to farming practices.
Nignamicin 98% TC
Anti-virus agents like Nignamicin 98% TC combat viral infections in various organisms. Utilized in medicine and agriculture, they disrupt viral replication processes, inhibiting spread and damage. Their formation involves potent compounds effective against diverse viruses. Benefits include enhanced disease control, improved health outcomes, and safeguarding economic interests in affected sectors.
Spinetoram 95% TC
Larvicides like Spinetoram 95% TC are important for controlling insect larvae in varied environments. Applied in agriculture and public health, they disrupt larval development, preventing pest proliferation. Their formation involves potent compounds targeting larval nervous systems. Benefits comprise minimized crop damage, reduced pest populations, and improved disease prevention measures.

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